What is hypnosis? 

I like to think of hypnosis as an exploration or dialogue with the Divine and your higher self.  Ideally, this is an opportunity for you to integrate lessons and heal through your inner awareness. Each experience is unique and you are encouraged to explore what feels appropriate for you. 

What do I expect?

Sessions are offered by Zoom. You may set an intention or explore a specific pattern.  Each session will begin with a few mindful breaths together. I may ask questions and make some suggestions. In general, you may like you are in a dreamlike state or may feel like you are in deep meditation.


You are encouraged to take time for yourself following your session to reflect or journal. It is important that if you have family, friends, or housemates that you set the boundary to allow this quiet time during and following your session.  You may want to set silence notifications during your session and use headphones if available. 


Email amandevikaur@gmail.com to schedule a time to chat and see if hypnosis is a fit for you.