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What is hypnosis? 

Hypnosis as an opportunity to explore the subconscious mind beyond the tricks our mind often plays on us. A session may also attune you to your psychic abilities more deeply and connect to your spirit team.    


A hypnosis session allows you to explore your higher consciousness and in a sense dialogue with the Divine and your higher self.  Ideally, this is an opportunity for you to integrate lessons and heal through your inner awareness. Each experience is unique and you are encouraged to explore what feels appropriate for you. 

What do I expect?

Sessions are offered online You may set an intention or explore a specific pattern.  Each session will begin with a few mindful breaths together. I may ask questions and make some suggestions. In general, you may feel like you are in a dreamlike state, similar to a deep meditation.

How do I schedule a session? 


Before scheduling a session it is important to see if hypnosis is right for you. Not all alternative approaches to wellness or services providers are a fit. It is important that you feel comfortable moving forward with a session. Email to schedule a free consultation . Your initial consultation can be set by phone or zoom. Please provide your time zone and preferred days and times when inquiring about your consultation. 


What should I expect after my session? 

Please take time for yourself following your session to reflect or journal.  It is important that if you have family, friends, or housemates that you set the boundary to allow this quiet time during and following your session. If you have pets, please ensure that their needs are taken care of prior to your session so that you can focus on your needs. Also, please silence notifications on your cellphone during your session and use headphones if available. 

A follow up life coaching session can be scheduled for later date to discuss your session.  In some cases  it may be helpful to receive an intuitive card reading prior to your session. 


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