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What is Life Coaching?


 Coaching is an opportunity to explore your inner landscape. I trust that you know the way, that you hold the answers within yourself.  That said, sessions may include meditation, a series questions and discussion.

My intention is to hold space for you to expand your awareness. I am honored to hold space for you to explore your emotions, stories, dreams, and intuitive insights in confidence. 


What do I expect?

Sessions are tailored to your needs, We will explore discussion, and meditation to allow you to access your inner resources.  If you are exploring a specific goal or topic I will tailor the session according to your needs. This may include working with intuitive guidance, releasing relationship trauma, or learning the tarot to name a few. 

Sessions are offered by phone or zoom.  A single session can be scheduled following your card reading or hypnosis session or a series of sessions to support you current wellness goal. 

Where do we begin?

We can schedule a time to discuss your intentions and map out the best self-care plan for you. Please email to schedule  free to consolation by phone to see if life coaching feels a fit for you with your time zone and preferred days. 



















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