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There is so much that I could write… However… They only let you use so many words. Amandevi is an excellent intuitive who shines her light brightly… The way she reads the cards is magical. I love everything about this spiritual soul and the exquisite cards she uses. She is full of wisdom, heartfelt lightness, and knowledge I can’t begin to understand… I highly recommend this light being and all her gifts that she shares with the universe. My reading was extremely heart-felt and exactly what I needed to hear.



I highly recommend Amandevi to everyone if you need a spiritual reading. She's the real thing!!!




I could not agree with this reading more, I am very impressed with what she read between the cards which were spot on. 

I will definitely be a returning client, Thank you, Amandevi Kaur! 

                                                          ~Divine Scarlet, Indi Card Maker, and Astrologer 



Amandevi Kaur has been a wonderful professional spiritual advisor in my life for the last several years. She has helped me transition through life events and provided guidance in helping me make major life decisions. Her guidance via customized meditation, tarot, and intuitive readings is done with a science-based approach and best practice techniques, which is what I appreciate most.

I always feel safe and in a judgment-free environment that gives me the freedom to speak my truth and know I will be given the best guidance. She truly is a great practitioner and I feel lucky to have her for continued life guidance.

                                                                                                                                   ~ Lorraine 

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