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Accountability Statement 


Please note that life coaching, hypnosis and readings are not a fit for all. You are encouraged to seek professional care as it suits your individual needs.  My services are offered to support you on your path and not intended to take the place of professional medical or psychological care.  


My intention is to offer services within the scope of my practice. I ask that you hold yourself accountable for your own choices. I will be honest about what I am able to and unable to provide.  If I feel that additional professional or complementary care may be beneficial to you I will make recommendations. As always, I respect your choices and trust that you know what is most beneficial for you. 


I choose to maintain professional standards to provide a safe, professional environment for you to explore your inner landscape.  Be aware that topics of discussion or exploration are determined by you. We will not explore visual imagery or topics that you do not want to address.  


It is imperative that you discuss your boundaries and needs.  I ask that you make a commitment to yourself.  It is important that you follow through with your appointment times as scheduled and continue yourself care. 


Confidentially is a priority. While referrals are greatly appreciated, please note that it is my responsibility to maintain confidentiality and session topics will not be discussed with other clients regardless of the nature of your relationship with clients. 


My intention is to provide clear guidance as it serves the greater good and or your highest potential. That said, relationship readings are limited and will address your energies rather than pry into your current or potential mate.  Readings may address career and life purpose. Finances as in lottery numbers or similar will not be addressed. 


Life is ever evolving. Readings explore an energy and a perspective that may follow a potential outcome. Your choices are your own and a reading is offered to expand or provide a perspective for you to consider. The outcome and follow through of your self care and your choices are your own. 

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