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  • American Bodywork and Massage Professionals Training, 2015

                 Teaching Interviewing Skills in the Student Clinic

                 Reducing Test Anxiety in Students

                 Teaching Palpation Effectively

                 Teaching Body Mechanics


  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

                 Survivor Bereavement Support Group Facilitator Training, 2016

                 Talk Saves Lives, 2017

  • Angel Fish Academy 

                   Intuitive Life Coaching Certification, 2023 


  • Barral Institute 2012-2014

                 Visceral Manipulation 1: Abdomen

                 Visceral Manipulation 2: Abdomen

                 Visceral Manipulation 3: Thorax

                 Visceral Manipulation 4: Pelvis

 California Institute for Human Science, Mind Body Spirit University 

                  "Foundations in Shamanism" Certificate of Completion, 2022  


  • Crime Violence and Mental Illness Regional Conference, 2015                     Prescription Drugs, Substance Abuse, and Violent Offenses 

                Student Violence on College Campuses


  • Down Dog Yoga Studio 2005-2006

                200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

                40 Hour Art of Assisting Program


  • Edgar Cayce ARE

                Past Life Regression Hypnosis with Peter Woodbury, October 2019

                Life Coaching, 2020


  •  Kundalini Research Institute, 2015

                200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

  • ​Internal Family Systems                                                                                               Level One, 2021 

  • MA Method

                Interactive teaching Skills for Medical Educators, 2015


  • Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

                  Victim Advocacy Training, 2017

                  The Neurobiology of Trauma, October 2016

                  Title IX Campus Training, 2015, 2016

                  SAAM Training and Activism Day, 2015 

  • Mediumship with Psychic Medium Erica Marks 2019


  • National Council for Behavioral Health

                 Mental Health First Aid Instructor 2014


  • Pro-Healing Seminars,2013

                 Opening the Shoulders with Qi Gong

                 Somatic Freedom Technique for the Shoulders

                 Introduction to Somatic Freedom Technique


  • Tai Sophia Institute

                 East Meets West The Art of Coaching Workshop, 2007

                 Creative Leadership Program, 2009


  • The Point, Massage Therapy Instructor Training, 2014

                Designing and Presenting a Lesson

                Teaching Selected Classes

                Teaching Students with Special Needs

                Classroom Management

                Motivation and Inspiration

                Instructional Methods

                How People Learn; Theories and Techniques

                Massage Student and Body-Centered Education

                You the Instructor

  • The Thai Healing Institute 2007-2009

              Basic Thai Massage

              Intermediate Thai Massage

              Herbal Thia Massage

              Advanced Thai Massage with Pierce Salguero

  • Yoga Teacher Training With Shiva Rae at Kripalu Center, 2006

              Pathways of the Flow

              Energetic Alignment

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