What is Life Coaching?


 Coaching is an opportunity to explore your growth. I trust that you know the way, that you hold the answers within yourself.  That said, sessions may include meditation and questions. 

My intention is to hold space for you to expand your awareness. I am honored to hold space for you to explore your emotions, stories, dreams, and intuitive insights.


What do I expect?

Sessions are tailored to your needs, We will explore discussion, and meditation to allow you to access your inner resources.  If you are exploring a specific goal or topic I will tailor the session according to your needs. This may include working with intuitive guidance, releasing relationship trauma, or learning the tarot to name a few. 

Where do we begin?

If you are considering a session or have any questions please email amandevikaur@gmail.com We can schedule a time to discuss your intentions.  From there we can map out opportunities and schedule a session if it feels a fit for you.