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I picked up the Knight of Cups in a delightful tea house in Asheville.  I didn’t know the classic meaning at the time. and at the same time, something felt very meaningful about the card in hand.


To be honest, I didn’t have words for energies, and synchronicities.  I had moments of divine communication,  most of them I blocked like a defiant teenager.  I was often resistant to what was coming through.


I continued on my path only to be redirected.  It took a series of Tower Moments for me to begin to listen and a process of learning and unlearning followed. 

Tarot cards became my gateway to allow Spirit to speak.  My first decks were gifts from my Father's late girlfriend.  It felt natural to explore the images intuitively, this only deepened when I learned the meaning of the tarot. 


I am learning to surrender and to live with grace and courage. I share what I have learned in hopes that you may embrace your authentic self and radiate.    I currently have 3 decks in the works with another in mind!  AND yes the Playing Card Companion is in the works.  Each feels like an expression of the amazing journey! 

At present, I am not offering hypnosis, life coaching, or offering personal readings. Life is ever-changing and I am grateful to connect. 

I look forward to connecting! 


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