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This indideck offers numbers and insights for reflection to guide you on your soul purpose.  This deck is a great with tarot card readings. Deck includes 44 message cards with 8 blank cards for your to incorporate messages you receive.  1.75"X3.5" Card Stock: Plastic  Shrink Wrapped. 


Portals of Awakening 

This round indideck deck  is designed for you to explore time lines, intuition and your psychic abilities.  Use this deck with your tarot readings and with your spiritual practices.  Each card has a different black and white image, all original works. 3.5 X 3.5 Round 54 Cards.  Shrink Wrapped.  Out of Stock 


The Love & Light deck includes 44 messages to inspire you on your journey.  Each card includes a separate message (card back repeats)  Card Stock: Plastic 1.75"X3.5"  Shrink Wrapped.    


Are you ready to explore the shadow?  The Mirror Messages deck offers words and phrases that illuminate hidden truths for personal reflection or with your relationship readings. 1.75"X3.5"

Card Stock: Plastic  Shrink Wrapped.

Out of Stock 


This indi deck offers phrases and questions for reflection to inspire you on your journey.  Deck includes 44 message cards with a question on the flip side, 9 blank cards are included just for your to empower yourself with your messages from your spirit team. 1.75"X3.5"

Card Stock:  Plastic  Shrink Wrapped. 

The Empowerment Deck.JPG

The Divination Deck is a tarot inspired indideck . This deck is a great companion to your personal practice.  Each Card has a separate image, card back repeats.  Images are original works on wood panel, mixed media. 54 Cards,  Linen  Finish 2.25"X3.5" Shrink Wrapped.  Image

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